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Sussex, NJ


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My name is Viktoria K. Majestic, I'm an award winning Hungarian-American artist and an avid environmentalist, living in New Jersey.
Art and nature are both very important to me and essential parts of my life.
I've been intrigued by art ever since I was a child, and even though life took me on several "sidetracks" my emotional connection with art has only grown stronger with time.
For many years, I was joggling between the challenges of raising children, attending college and working as a mural artist; until an incapacitating back problem forced me to change course. I could not imagine giving up painting, so I searched for an alternative to mural works, found oil painting and never looked back. Ever since, I've been dedicating most of my time to further develop my artistic skills and to create art that touches people.
The art I create today, would not be possible without the knowledge and skills that I acquired from my generous teachers,
prof. Keith Smith, John Phillipe Osborne and Danielle Wexler master artists. My work is also greatly influenced by the works of the old masters, like John Singer Sargent, Peder Mork Monsted, Anders Zorn, Jean-Sim´┐Żon Chardin and many others.
Currently, I am a member of the Fort Lee Artist Guild, the Ridgewood Art Institute, and also an elected member of the American Artists Professional League in New York, where I serve on the national board as a director.

Even if just small ways I always try to help and support various environmental organizations.
10% from the SALES OF MY ORIGINALS AND PRINTS ARE DONATED TO one of the following nonprofit organizations: Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, and/or Oceana. These are, all non-profit, environmental organizations who are constantly working on projects, helping to save our precious environmental treasures. Websites:,, or to Oceana to save our oceans and marine life

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Beautiful European Town Szentendre by Viktoria K Majestic


The Horn Salesman by Viktoria K Majestic


Onions and Sundried Tomatoes by Viktoria K Majestic


Onions by Viktoria K Majestic


Vintage Corks by Viktoria K Majestic


Lemon in Saucer by Viktoria K Majestic


Paprika by Viktoria K Majestic


Japanese china and Pewter by Viktoria K Majestic


ceiling painting by Viktoria K Majestic


denim mural by Viktoria K Majestic


world map mural detail by Viktoria K Majestic


tile mural by Viktoria K Majestic


card game room mural by Viktoria K Majestic


lamborghini mural by Viktoria K Majestic


Vintage Japanese Tea Kettle by Viktoria K Majestic


A Glass of Cork by Viktoria K Majestic


Elegant Bouquet by Viktoria K Majestic


White Daisies and Daffodils by Viktoria K Majestic


Vintage Glass Jug and Oranges by Viktoria K Majestic


Italian Cuisine by Viktoria K Majestic


Blue Reflections by Viktoria K Majestic


Happiness by Viktoria K Majestic


Club and Balls by Viktoria K Majestic


Country Kitchen by Viktoria K Majestic


Olive Pottery by Viktoria K Majestic


Sunflowers by Viktoria K Majestic